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Okay, hopefully some people out there reading this might sit up and take notice of the problems I am having...

Let me see if perhaps I am debugging this correctly. I am beginning to think the lockup may be due to a heat problem. Let me explain. As I said earlier, when I boot the machine, the fan on my card spins along merrily. But just after the splash screen comes up when loading X, the video card fan STOPS RUNNING. Well, I thought. Let me try killing X and getting back to a console. So I run init3, kill X, and as soon as X stops running, the fan COMES BACK ON. So, is the fan controlled by the card as far as when its running (and possibly how fast)? I ask because the lockups seem like they might be heat related. No log file reports anything strange. If I run too many windows all at once on the screen, I get a lockup. If I try to run Tuxracer, it makes it for about 3 seconds in the game before I lockup again. In quake3, the splash screens will show the game loading, but as soon as I enter the game, the screen freezes.

Does this seem like an overheating problem locking me up to anyone else?

I am not at my machine at the moment to test this theory in full, but at lunch I plan to open up my box and keep a close eye on that cooling fan while I am using my machine to see if iti comes back on.

Is there anyone lurking the boards from nvidia that can tell me if the fan should always be on, or if its controlled by the software?

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