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Default Re: Blu-ray and HDTV

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
I have no experience with stand alone players I use a pc so have only dealt with power dvd/nvidia pure video. Also not sure about which would be better 720 or 1080, but you can feel that you upgrade would be more future proof with 1080 and is what I would suggest.

I really do feel you are on the right track, and would suggest blu ray if the prices of disks, and players were to fall to reasonable levels. But if you have a netflix sub, which I suggest for any movie buff then its still a viable option.
Thanks again. Yes I think a 1080p is the best way to go too so that's what I'll most likely do. We have a Netflix account and I'm going to take a look at their blu-ray collection soon. We also watch a few movies off the internet, which is just so so. But it's free.
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