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Originally posted by Spectral
Its because a lot of the fans they put on videocards are cheap toys. Ive had the same problem... Now, when I buy new cards I normally bolt on a cpu fan where the old fan was... Still havent actually ever taken off any of the heatsinks on videocards.
That is a definite fact. You'd think they'd get the brains to realize that cheap fans are only going to cost them in the long run.

Visiontek is sending me another fan. They were very fast in replying. Any bets on how many months this one's gonna last? If it does go bad I may just say shove it and get that blue or chrome orb... it'll actually cost me unlike these but I'll get better cooling and (hopefully) no failing rate.

Oh, and Corp. I am going to check the voltages before I take the old fan off. Should be interesting to see if that is causing the problems.

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