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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
OK, so now i'm looking for a new router.

What would you recommend?

Few things that I would like to have:
1) Gigabit switch, preferred, but not necessary since i can have separate switch
2) has to have 5ghz band, preferably dual band
3) WPA2
4) good range
5) n
IMO I'd probably split up the WAP and your router. That way you can get a fully functional router and just get a SOHO wireless router that has the 5ghz band. You could also try using the DGL-4500 as a wap bridge only and maybe it would stay working then.

My two picks that I've been looking at for a while are:

Linksys RVS4000: This guy was a little flaky when it first came out, but it sounds like they have fixed those issues and have moved it under their Cisco branch so it gets IPS from them. I found a reviewer on Newegg that has a really good post about this model.

Pros: - RVS 4000 is a Linksys product which now falls under the Cisco Small Business name;
- Runs Small Box Linux, if you are familiar with embedded systems particularly Small Box Linux you can modify everything and anything (if you're knowledgeable you can custom compile your own firmware for this device); [you can look into smallbox linux and the RVS4000 more by searching the Internet]
- Current firmware version 1.2.11 (released around 10/22/2008) adds feature for a subscription based service which adds additional features such as E-mail filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, etc; this firmware also fixes nearly all of the major problems that you may have read or heard about;
- Having support and classification moved directly under Cisco, current IPS signature version is 1.40 (released 02/03/2009) which is good since the last update was quite a few months ago;

Cons: - Note that if you are running a firmware version prior to 1.0.14; you'll need to upgrade to 1.0.14 before upgrading to 1.2.11 or any of the post 1.0.14 firmware; I have noticed that some of these units do not function correctly (i.e. unit not connecting to the Internet, not grabbing a WAN IP, etc.) as a result of a direct firmware upgrade from a pre 1.0.14 firmware version to one of the post 1.0.14 firmware versions (so if you have this problem be certain to upgrade to the 1.0.14 before you upgrade to the newest/newer version);
- Because this product now falls under Cisco Small Business, support and driver/firmware/software downloads are now obtained from Cisco's website directly (requires registration to access downloadable contents, though registration and downloads are free as of now)

Other Thoughts: - I have had several of this product for over 2 years and it works great, just be sure to upgrade to the newer functioning firmware which is at least 1.2.11 as some of the previous firmware versions have their respective issues as evidenced by all of the negative reviews here (let alone the issues you'll find on the linksys/cisco support forums);
- This product has a great deal of potential, and it only gets better over time as the qwerks have been mostly worked out to a point where it is a reliable, functional piece of networking equipment given its cost/benefit class; looking forward to better support and more frequent updates now that it falls directly under Cisco control;
This model goes for $110 @ newegg right now.

Cisco ASA 5505:
My other choice is making the leap to a fully functional Cisco ASA 5505. This requires a lot more knowledge about networking hardware, but it has been a really good device since I've set it up. (At work) My only complaints about it are the lack of gigabit ports and the web interface relies on java, so sometimes java updates can break access to the web interface. I do the majority of the configuration via SSH anyway, so it isn't that big of a deal. I know that this device can still get at least 90mbps throughput via the wan port so until you have DOCSIS 3 or FIOS you probably won't need it just yet. This model goes for $350 @newegg right now. They also have listed a $500 version which I think might be the security plus model but newegg's specs seem off. Check out Cisco's model sheet.

This device also comes with 2 POE ports. You could hook up an AP to this device and be able to power it via ethernet.

Both of these devices have very in depth configuration for firewall rules and support VPN connections. The RVS4000 probably uses the built in VPN for windows and the ASA uses the Cisco VPN program.

The last thing might be just to look up DD-WRT and find a good model to install that on. I know a lot of people use that for their firewall and seem to like it.

Any route you take I still think separating these devices is the best idea. That way you don't have to compromise on wireless and on the firewall since you are looking for very specific functions.
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