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Default Re: Has anyone tried a Tri-Sli with 3 GTX 295's?

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
I'm really impressed by the build. I've seen a lot of folders who only go halfway to build their F@H rigs. Nice you see you go with the water setup to make sure the heat stays down versus throwing 4 gpus stacked in there with an underpowered PSU. How much power does that setup draw when loaded?
The build has changed a little since those pictures were taken - mostly power supplies, wiring and tubing routing.

Main power supply is an Enermax Revolution 1250W. Secondary power supply is a Thermaltake W0158 650W Toughpower Power Express VGA PSU. The Tt powers 2x GTX295, Enermax everything else. Total power draw from the wall (both supplies) is just over 1200W.
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