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Default Re: PhysX When SLI on Single

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
Due to the way the profiling system works. It cannot be changed. Enabling "SLI" is a driver flag that tells it how to percieve the other GPU. IE is it a render device or a secondary monitor/PhysX device. Its important to note that pretty much any PhysX title to date has an SLI rendering profile. And its highly unlikely future titles will ship with no multi GPU support.

It's not a question of being "Dumb". The drivers do this to make SLI profiling work as seemlessly as it does. If you want dedicated PhysX. You wouldnt want SLI enabled in the first place.
I'm just mad that Sli in Batman with physx is so much slower than single card with physx. It doesn't make sense. 2 gtx280s should kick Batman's ass physx and all.
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