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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
would be nice if they priced their subscription to reflect its popularity. I'm sure you would see alot of people join if the monthly payment was something like a mear 6 bucks (18$ 3 month subscription is alot more attractive then a $30 2 month, especially if you still play another mmo).

Looks like a great world to spend some time in, but clearly it dosn't command the $15 subscription it hastles from you.
Yeah.. or why not an hourly based subscription?
Like $10 for 40 hours or something. And it only counts down when you are playing the game.
Then you can go in and play whenever you want, your account would be active as long as you had time on it.

Why are all the mmos stuck on the $15/month subscription? No one wants to try anything new.
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