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"Linksys" been there and done that, nothing more to say on that, if you want problems buy a Linksys all their new routers are junk they have a different company making them now. Netgear have known capacitors problems and belkins just plan cheap, don't last very long.

Despite the problems you had with the old one, I would find another one and just don't flash the frimware on it. "If it isn't broke no need to flash it" just use up to 1.15 you will be fine, notice they pulled the firmware, compare to other routers this one honest been my best one, been on for over a year with no reset with WAP and firewall rules, VPN and lot of other custom setting on. and roof wifi antenna with Hawking Hi-Gain HSB2 amplifier, using it on all 3 floors and outside, and this router still works great get 50mb down and 16mb up using custom firmware on comcast modem even on wireless. Have the modem on it own line, ran 3 lines from pole to digital signal amplifiers which goes to the in wall cable to building, did myseft since Comcast couldn't get it right, and try doing it messing with unnecessary splitter, becasuse they thought having 3 lines was a custom job even when I was going to paid them extra, so I just did it myseft.

The only thing I don't like about this router is you can't do custom firmware "i.e. DD-WRT" like you can on the Linksys.

If you have to try another router that dual band, try the Linksys WRT350N. gived mine away, but the guy who has it says the new firmware fixed alot of problems.
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