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Default Re: Project: Lan theater.

Just notice you are using a car amp KAC-9104D dump it "Very bad idea" that amp does no where near 900w/ch maybe 200/ch at tops it overrated. Kenwood are known for overrating there amps, I know what those FI can do and if you hook up a good amp that can do 500w/ch continuous power or more, you won't be able to stay in the same room, it would shake everything. I won't use a car amp period, they are way overrated and need alot of power and very highend inverter or rows of car battery to power them, then the amp throw alot of noise they are not clean sounding.
I would go with a very high-end THX ULTRA 2 Receiver because they are capable putting out 1kw of power RMS if you bridged the channels, or do what I did get the Denon AVR-5803 or the newer model and bi-amp your mid and highs you can on this reciever and use a separate reference amp to power your subs, it will sound alot better and blow away any car amp. Not only that to but you can use the reciever for a multiroom setup and control the receiver and other amps using 12v or 5v distribution system did for my garage and can control the receiver that in the building, and listen to it outside using a separate amp the receiver just controls the source. Or cheaper solution good pre-amp and three separate reference amp do the same job. you have two many polk audio speakers in the front you will drown out you sound, all you need is four and a good center, and two for the middle. if you have a big room hang them or put them on a stand sound tranfer better
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