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Default Re: Start Menu Search

Originally Posted by seeker View Post
Another Start Menu issue that I'm looking for a solution to, is to totally disable the recent programs menu. I already have it disabled in the sense that programs don't appear on it, but I want to eliminate that part of the Start Menu entirely. As is, when I select the Start Menu, the recent program menu still appears as a blank, requiring me to select the All Program menu to see anything. I would prefer it to automatically show the All Programs menu from the start.
AFAIK, that's not possible. I disable the recently opened programs and then pin the few I frequently use to the start menu. I don't think there is anyway to get rid of that section completely. I rarely use the "All Programs" flyout anyways, since the search works so well. Just hit start button, and start typing the program you want. Way faster than navigating the menus.
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