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Default Re: Project: Lan theater.

Originally Posted by KasuCode View Post
Thanks for the tips. I got the car amp to temporarily push the subs but they do a good good job as it is. Its hooked up to a few batterys that sit outside. My 18s are 2ohms I did plan on getting a Crown XTi-2000 or 1000. but have been spending my money on other things. My subs are already way too loud. They can be heard 4 houses down and shake my neighbours windows. But eventualy I do plan on getting a Crown XTi 2000 or something like that.

I dont have the money to freely spend on pricy equipment. Id love to get something like that denon but for now I have to get the room done before oct because I have people coming over from out of state to see a Metallica show and lan party for a few days afterwords.

And BTW the video was just to show the speakers. my room looks completely diffrent now. Sorry I have not posted any pictures yet. I have been taking some. I have been waiting to get enough good pictures. I just got 3 more executive chairs today for a total of 5.

Also about the power I bought some 10gauge and a 30amp breaker ive already routed the wires have a guy comming to show me how to put the breakers in and check things out to make sure I got it right.

Ill have more info soon. Thanks for the help.
I have two of those amps XTi2000 use them with my dj equipment, "very good amp" can do 1kw per ch or 2kw bridged that going to be loud. Just get a good pre-amp or mixer with a good crossover you will be set, don't really need to spend alot of money if you set everything right, you will need the 30amp circuit, good luck with the project.
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