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Default Cheap WC

I bought my Cooler for about 20 German Marks which was at that time about 10 Dollars, a pump from Eheim for about another 15 $ , heater core from the local junkyard about 5$, about 6 ft. silicon hose & clamps, 12mm Coppertubing - 3 $ , Plexyglass 8$.

Cut the Plexy an used a gluegun and hotglued it to make a Water Resivior set the pump inside and on the Top I glued some Tubing for the Hose.

I then took the Heater Core, cut the big Tubes off and solderd the 12mm tubing on it. I put the Heater Core near the Floor ( cooler air there).

After everything was put together I let it run for about 3 days to make sure ther's no Leaks.

I don't use a Ventelator, so there's no Noise. I had a Duron 1200 runing for about 6 months@ 1333 --- no probs.
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