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Default Windows 7 Recovery

After using a reg cleaner (CMPC), my x64 system got completely borked. I blame myself, more than the cleaner, because I failed to make a backup beforehand, and didn't abort when it showed an inordinate amount of activex keys with problems.

As things stand, the OS is unusable because even though it still boots, there were a large number of error dialogs from a variety of programs, and the OS's basic features no longer work. Every avenue that I have tried so far goes nowhere. The Control Panel, Default Programs, System Recovery, etc. aren't functional.

I'm not inclined to reinstall the OS at this time, because there are only a couple of months until the RTM is released, and I can fall back to other OSs installed, including x32 W7. Yet, I'm wondering if W7 has a Recovery Console accessible from the CD, and whether it is designed to reconstruct the registry? I also have a System Repair disk that I burned from the OS, but looking at the contents of it, it appears that all that it is designed to do is to fix the boot of the OS. Everything in it is labeled with boot in the title in one fashion or another, so I doubt that it would be of any help

Unless someone has some suggestions, my x64 will just have to wait until October 22.
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