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Default Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision

I upgraded to 3d vision at the weekend and WoW is looking totally amazing - I notice so much detail that I didn't see before and have spent the last 3 days when I'm online just wandering round gawping at characters - shaman look the best . I'm even stopping dead to stare at boring things like warlock summoning portals emerging from the ground.

Did my first raid yesterday and no headaches to report - the only problem I have is wearing my glasses / the 3d glasses and 5.1 headphones at the same time, I have to readjust them every hour as things start to press on my noggin rather! My eyes are still learning I think too - they are getting quicker at swapping between the 3d and 2d elements (ie game interface).

I'm using a 4ghz i7 920 and SLI gtx280 with the samsung 120hz monitor - a step down in screen size for me but I really think it's worth it - the monitor is very fast and a better monitor for 2d gaming (quake wars, openGL and no 3d yet) than my old dell 2407

I have tried a bunch of games: COD4, Fallout3, NWN2, Civ4, Railroad Tycoon 3, Planetside, Crysis Wars, Spore, Sims3, Section 8 (beta), Unreal Tournament 3 - they all work at least reasonably in 3D.

I really hope 3D has a chance this time round of taking off - its time has come!
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