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Default Re: Windows 7 sells for half price in the UK

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
that is partially right, price is temporary, won't be like that for ever.

1) there is no upgrade version in Europe, because of EU
2) MS couldn't offer discount on upgrade version (look at point 1)
3) so for temporary period they are offering discount on full version
Originally Posted by shteve View Post
The special EU version has been canned. For the short term they're going to provide the full version at the upgrade price for the discounted pre-orders. I suspect that by the time the actual release is out, the prices will return to normal and we'll get an upgrade version instead.
A sound theory except the EU full version costs less than the US upgrade version right now. In fact it even costs less than the original planned price of the EU upgrade version. I think something else is at play here, just not sure what.

Further, microsoft indicated their indications for a temporarily reduced price for users who bought a new PC recently, and spelled that out directly. However no such announcement has been made for this. They simply announced a reduced price for the full version in the UK and that was it.
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