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Default Re: Windows 7 sells for half price in the UK

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
only difference would be if you install the OS, your region setting would probably be set to English UK. you can always change that.
I am curious if the key for a UK version would work on a US version, and vice versa. If so you could just install a US version with that key and then it would use all of the US defaults.

As far as I know, no windows keys have ever been tied to any region or bit depth (except XP 64 as that was a version of windows 2003.)

It only goes by license type (oem, retail, upgrade) edition (reg, mce, pro, basic, premium, ultimate, server, etc) and then version (95, 98, 98se, xp, vista, etc.)

If anybody wants to try it, go for it. I'd like to know the results. I'd imagine amazon UK can possibly ship to the US. If not I am sure there are other online shops in the UK that will ship to the US. I am curious if Americans will have to pay the VAT if they do so.
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