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Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
Where does it look like an expansion pack? The video shows so much stuff not possible in GW, and an entirely new world.
I must say, GW2 has the most fantastical looking world I have yet to see in a MMO, like if you look at most MMOs, they have this bland cities, greenlands, forests etc, but the areas they show off in the video make it look like those creative fantasy paintings(im talking about the actual game parts, not the painted intro).
Though yeah, if they dont have Z axis stuff, that will kill it for me right there.
Graphically it looked like an expansion to me. I mean, it looks a little better, but I guess I expected more after years of GW 1.

What in the trailer wasn't possible in GW? Outside of the other races that seem playable (which is a nice addition, so long as they do it right).

Hopefully it will be good... I played GW from launch and played it for a long time, but I have quit for the past year and a half or so because it just got too bland for my tastes. The PVP in the game is just broken as it is... really hope they fix that and the Z axis thing.
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