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Originally posted by Uttar
Now, time for another quote:

One word: AUGH. Typo.
lol, and another one. I'm not nutty.

So, you're saying the R300 has 255 maximum loops? That really surprises me. Can you show me a document which proofs what you advance?
My information came from beyond3d's review and those guys generally know their stuff, so I tend to believe them (much more so than tech-report, anand, tom, et. al).

EDIT: You're saying the NV30 is nothing but vague paper specs. Well, err, i may sound lame to link this but...
Yes, and does that IKOS simulator tell us anything at all about the specs of the NV30? That was my point... as of right now, the only specs people have are very vague at best, being mostly rumor, heresay, and wild imagination, combined with some more vagueness from the CineFX papers. I think vague paper specs fits quite well, don't you? I'm not saying the NV30 is only a vague paper spec (though it mostly is), but rather the NV30's specs are vague... a bit of a difference.
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