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Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Graphically it looked like an expansion to me. I mean, it looks a little better, but I guess I expected more after years of GW 1.

What in the trailer wasn't possible in GW? Outside of the other races that seem playable (which is a nice addition, so long as they do it right).

Hopefully it will be good... I played GW from launch and played it for a long time, but I have quit for the past year and a half or so because it just got too bland for my tastes. The PVP in the game is just broken as it is... really hope they fix that and the Z axis thing.
Well, honestly, there is so much more detail then what I saw in GW1, but, and this is the most important thing(for me anyway), I see an absence of "paths", in most of the scenes, it looks like theres no set path, or even varying between a few paths, it all looks wide open, go anywhere you want style, which also makes me hopeful for Z axis freedom(ie, they can jump).
Graphically aswell, especially the cities, ive not seen anything like it in GW1, or any MMO for that matter
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