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I was a regular reader of nVNews before I started my own site, and still continue to look up to Mike and the crew here for video card related info.
My hat is off to Mike and the rest of the guys here for remaining unbiased and telling it like it is.
Even though this site is closely tied to nVidia, Mike would loose all credibility if he didn't have the balls to admit that ATI's cards are just as good if not better than nVidia's.
In a way, he is helping nVidia by pointing out thier weaknesses.
This is how any business becomes successful - by listening to customer (and in this case review/news sites) feedback, acknowledging areas that need improvement, and then executing a plan to overcome those weaknesses.

I don't know about nVidia per se, but most companies that I review products for actually come right out and ask me "How can we improve this product?", even before it is actually reviewed.

I will quit right there before I go off on wild tangents...

But I think Mike is, and always has done a hell of a job informing the rest of us about graphics cards, nVidia or otherwise.
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