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Default Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate

I actually have a few beefs with W7 myself. After hearing how much of a must have upgrade from vista it is I decided to install on my laptop. These are my annoyances so far and maybe you guys can help me out.

1. Why can't I open a new instance of IE from the taskbar in one simple click??? Right clicking the taskbar and clicking IE is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!!

2. Hovering over the thumbnails in taskbar wastes my time. Yea the previews are cool but not as cool as saving microseconds every time I switch tasks.

3. Why did they get rid of sticky notes gadget and make it a standalone app which is wider than the typical gadget size?

4. Why does Windows Live Messenger have 2 open tasks whenever I have the client open? One of the tasks is a stupid picture of my icon with no purpose whatsoever. I like it better in the system tray.

5. Where is my default location to store pictures and videos and such? The start menu shortcut takes me straight to the libraries section in windows explorer. I happen to like storing all of my pictures in one place. Do I have to manually hunt down my pictures under the user directory every time I want to move pictures to this folder instead of clicking on the link in the start menu?

As a fan of Vista I haven't really found anything that would consider this a must have upgrade unless you are currently running XP. This may change as I install 7 on my desktop when my upgrade copy comes and may welcome the snappiness. (Using msdnaa W7 pro for laptop). I like the ease of joining a network but think the new white system tray icons are ugly. I hope the homegroup feature will be neat with a media pc and laptop so I'll have to wait and see how this ends up performing. After using it more I'm sure I will find a few more things I like but Vista has served me well.
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