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Default Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate

Let's look at their arguments...

1. Upgrading From Windows XP Requires a Clean Install
Well yea, it's a brand new OS. It's not Windows 5.x, it's Windows 6.1. New OS, hence new kernel and components, hence, clean install cause your previous program's dependencies won't work. Even a 5 year old could understand that.
The Upgrade Is Expensive
Really? I got HP for $50 a month ago...
It’ll Cost You Time, Too
Took me less than 30 minutes to do a clean install of Windows 7 RC. Then I just run Steam overnight and voila, my PC is restored.
It’s Still Windows
That's the worst argument I have ever heard.
Security Isn’t Automatically Better
Well when you control 85%+ of the market, of course people will target your OS more. And security is much better.
Built-In Support for Egregious Hardware-Based DRM
This was an argument against Vista that I have yet to see any solid proof of.
Snow Leopard Is Almost Here
And now we see the author's true motives...
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