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Default Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
I have several things I do not like as well.

The taskbar.. now most people will have 75 things running there instead of the 5-10 with xp and vista. At least you knew and had to hide them before. It wasn't broken and didn't need fixing.

No backward compatibility with the new homegroup? Really? Was it that hard to make it work with Vista or patch Vista to work with it? This is something that could still come however.

I also agree the default tab behavior seems stupid and its annoying that I have to change it to actually see whats there without relying on thumbnail peeks.

Lastly thanks for by default adding another click to get to my home folder. But library sounds cooler!
You can change the taskbar to be almost identical to XP and Vista.

Also, I still don't understand what you guys are talking about with the tab behavior???
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