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Originally Posted by Thunderbolt56 View Post

I spent about 20 minutes doing a spartan job on my TRUE copper and i7 spreader. It was only slightly more shiny than when I started and I figured it was at least better than when I started. I went with it like that as I felt the return on the time investment to the temp improvement wouldn't be worth it. I was right.

My CPU runs at a max temp of 72c under full load after running 8 instances of Prime95 for 12 hours and typically runs in the mid 60's after a long gaming session and idles at 42c. Another couple hours of lapping for 2 degrees of improvement wasn't worth it to me.

But those surfaces you polished look nice.
I just need to be flat - the thermal paste takes care of all the little dentures and whatnot. Finding it hard to lap my i7 as it seriously hurts the resale value.
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