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Default Re: Ex-WoW Players Come In

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
I think rants have less to do with the quality of the game (IMHO WoW is the highest quality MMORPG out there) and more to do with how pissed off they are that a video game literally burned away a year of their life (and I literally mean a solid year of log in time).
That is a long time. I think it's kinda like anything else though. You can spend hours playing on TF2 or dota or whatever, only those don't have something that meters how much time you've actually played so you really have no idea. I think I play wow about as much as I used to play TF2 (about 15 hours a week give or take, this much I know for certain for wow, and I think I probably spent more time on TF2 even.) but I don't think I am going to look back and say "gee that was a waste of time" anymore than I would about TF2.

I had fun playing it, then just moved on (coming back every now and then.) That'll eventually happen when I really get burned out of wow (came close to quitting once, til I found a casual guild that actually does quite well while spending relatively little time raiding, we maybe raid about 10 hours a week and are #2 on our server, in spite of there being about 8 other guilds that raid 40 hours a week on our server.)

I think you'd only feel that it "burned" your life away if you treated it like a job (and sadly there are a few I know who probably do treat it that way.)
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