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Default Re: Multiseat dualhead with 2 SCREENs

i would love to see your xorg.conf.
i have the same problem actually. i just bought an overpowered machine for home hoping that both my wife and i could use it at the same time thus saving power/cash/etc...

with regards to dpms look at the xset command. is this what you are talking about when you say "monitor modes"? if not, and you can clarify it, ill be happy to do more research.

did you ever try this trick with 185?


p.s. if you haven't already found this solution, you can set up two screens without xinerama so one is :0 and the other :0.1. then open xephyr full screen in either. unfortunately this still sucks because:

xephyr has a "crash with gimp" problem
xephyr has a dumb screen rotate policy (hers is a pivot monitor)
no 3d on xephyr
no hotplugging kbrd/mouse on xephyr
no dpms on second screen, that is either all monitors are in standby or none are
gksudo password requests block both screens

but it works and is stable. and for now it is enough for what we do.
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