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Default VESA framebuffer modes are not available if TV is plugged

Normally I use mode 791 ( 1024x768 16 bit ) of the linux VESA framebuffer driver ( linux 2.4.22 ). But when I plug in the TV at boot time, grub comes up with the message "You passed an undefined mode number". However, I know that this mode is supported by the TV-out of my card ( Geforce4 MX 440 ) because I use nView with that mode under Windows. So I would like to ask if someone knows a solution on how to use the VESA framebuffer modes even if a TV is plugged. Could it be that the VESA BIOS extension of the graphics card is disabled when TV-out is enabled ? Does the linux riva driver support a GeForce4 and may it work while TV-out is enabled ?

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