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Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
Because you have to try hard to damage a cpu when lapping and no one selling a lapped cpu would do so without posting a picture of the results (at least I would hope they would post a pic)

I've lapped 6 cpu's since I did mine and with the amount of sanding done, you would have to make some SERIOUS mistake early in the process and if that were to happen, there's no way you could get all the way to a mirror shine.

I guess my point is, is that if the surface is properly lapped to a mirror shine, you know it was done right, hence no worry of the cpu not functioning. It either works or it doesn't and if they're selling a cpu that doesn't even work (whether it was a result of the lapping or whatever) that's a whole different scenario.
The problem is that there would be no warranty left as the retail store would certainly notice the cpu being lapped while overclocking leaves no noticeable mark.
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