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Default Re: What you do in life?

Im a supervisor in my line of work, I stand and watch 5 other guys to make sure they do what they are supposed to be doing, Any mess ups and its up to me to sort it out. From my pay packet the wife gets 90%+ lol(heck i don't even have my own bank card, she has it) .. What money she "allows" me to have i save and purchase games or pc parts.

The kids are in bed every night at 8:00pm, I spend some time with the missus until she falls asleep then i come to play games or read some forums etc for a few hours before i go to bed.

On a Friday night one child stays at her mums & another at my mums & we have a few friends round for a good ol piss up .... Usually until 1-2am.

The next morning we both wake up with a awesome hangover lol.

Thats us two happy.
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