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Default Win 7 Not remembering window settings argh!!

I have to vent a bit. This little new feature of Win 7 is absolutely the worst thing about it and it's driving me nuts. How can MS not have brought over this functionality from win XP and screwed it up in vista and not corrected it in Win 7 is just insane IMO.

Win 7 just won't remember where I place my open windows. It's absolutely stupid. On every reboot any of the open windows I had open will move to new locations. If I open the Games tab it takes on the same position and size settings as the Computer window. If I change the games window then open the computer, the computer window becomes the same size and position as the games one. If you open any folder it only takes the size and position settings from the previously opened window. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed to be like it was when it was functional in windows XP! Vista broke the way it worked it couldn't seem to always remember what windows were open, but it seemed to be fine remembering the positions and sizes of the windows you had previously opened. Win 7 remembers what windows you had open previously but can't remember any of the size, positions or settings.

I bought a $10 utility to get it to remember the size and positions, but it doesn't seem to be able to catch the Computer one or the Games one. *sigh*

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