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Default Re: Sacrifice, still the best RTS after all this time.

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
After seeing Sacrifice pop onto STEAM, i figured I'd reinstall Sacrifice on my new computer. Sure enough, the game is still as fun as the day I got it over 9 years ago.

I know "best RTS of all time" is probably pushing it. I just made that title to get people to click the link. Age of Empires 2 is the best RTS, followed by Sacrifice.

Anyone who has not played Sacrifice, do yourself a favor and buy it on steam. Its only 9 bucks. I have played through the game at least a dozen times. To put that into perspective, i've probably only beat about 15-20 games my entire life. For me to actually finish a game REALLY means something. I have played this game from begining to end far more than any other game. Do yourself a favor and check Sacrifice out.
There is a game on the Wii called little king story. If you like sacrifice, and you can get past the kiddy-looking graphics, you'll love this game. Honestly it's probably the most innovative RPG since star craft. Really incredible game. Hell, I'll sell my copy to you for $30 + shipping.
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