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Not to spring to creatvie's defense or anything, but low wattage dosent mean it won't be loud or sound good. And the speakers are actually made by Cambridge Soundworks, creative bought them awhile back. I think Creative takes alot of flack on there speakers because they used to make there own, and they where indeed God-aweful, cardboard box sounding speakers. However, once they bought Cambrdige Soundworks, there speakers improved considerably, especially there "High End" ones. I'd guess they probably sound as good as any other mid-range speakers from Altec Lansing, or say Boston Acoustics. But there's no doubt the Logitech Speakers are better, or some of the high end Altec Lansings. I don't remeber what the high end 4.1 Logitech's run but I hear alot of great things about them. Z-5xx's I think.

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