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Default Re: John Carmack: "We have no plans to leave the PC Market"

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Well, they could make plans to leave the PC market tomorrow, so that statement means absolutely nothing.

If they did start to make plans tomorrow, they wouldn't be lying to you with that statement.
This is another consideration. Business announcements today, while they may follow yesterday's precedent, tomorrow could forge a new path, shift their business strategy. Carmack was also a strictly OpenGL guy, loved the flexibility, said DX8 wasn't quite there yet, and now it's all Direct X. Good businesses adapt their strategy as soon as there is a better way to be profitable. ID is no different, and this move with Zenimax shows us that. I'm sure if the economics no longer made sense PC would get dumped. However, the chances of that happening are null. There are a billion PC users. Consoles have a long way to go to reach that kind of penetration. If software distribution, software piracy, and hardware configuration complexity issues are solved, PC will absolutely be able to foster better sales. Along side the fact that there are just certain ideas that work better on PC indicates to me that ID won't be leaving the PC market not for any fanboyish appeal, but because it makes financial sense to stay.
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