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Default Multi-Boot Madness

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough HDs to put each distro on separate drives, so I tried a quad-boot with Kubuntu, Suse, Sabayon & Fedora Core. All was well, until I installed FC last, and it wiped out the ability to boot the previous 3 OSs. I'm about to blow FC away and start from scratch with the other 3, but since FC does at least boot, I'm giving it a stay of execution.

This stay may not be very long, because I'm having plenty of problems managing it, primarily because it won't let me do much of anything, without root privileges, and when I try to do so, it doesn't accept the only password that I established during installation. It appears that I'm logged in as just a regular user, but when I tried to switch users, it still didn't accept the password.

Is there any way to establish a password for root while logged in as a user?
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