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Default Re: John Carmack: "We have no plans to leave the PC Market"

Originally Posted by pakotlar View Post
That's absolutely not true. This isn't the Empire. It's a business, and a collaboration. The people at Id have enough clout and mobility to be able to dictate their own projects to a great extent I'm sure. Anyways, Id certainly negotiated clauses in their purchase agreement which would prevent Zenimax from using them like this, and there are most likely certain contingency clauses to allow them seperation from Zenimax [after paying back the purchase #] in the event of creative or collaborative conflict of interest. ID doesn't have to do anything they don't want to do. There are a million publishers who would love to back them; they are still relevant, but more importantly carry respect and highly influential, marketable intangible assets, which Zenimax does not own.
Not to mention that if Zenimax were going to force consoles on developers, then Fallout 3 would have already been a console exclusive, Bethesda is still making games for PC, and they have been under Zenimax for awhile, so I doubt they would suddenly try to force id to do it
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