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Default Re: The Old Republic: 20 min walkthrough

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
it looks ok..nothing impressive nore anything that really gets me to want to play it. I didn't like one of the things they were saying though, they wanted the game to play as if you were the hero. As if you were the one. This is pretty destined to fail in an MMO. While you can be looked upon as a powerfull adventurer, never should you be attempted to be singled out, because it totaly clashes with the multi-person aspect of the game. Also imo, all the good RPGs have started you at ground level, forcing you to work your way up. If you can allready blast 3 guys at the same time with ease as soon as you start, where to from then?

Btw I don't quite stick bioware in with the group of game companies "that can do no wrong"..
I think the whole point is to make an MMO that plays like a singleplayer RPG.
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