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Default Re: Brink revealed - from Splash Damage/Bethesda Softworks - PC. PS3 RRoD_Box

One of the most staggering things about Brink is the sheer neck-breaking velocity of the action. Yes, it's a squad shooter, but holy hell-for-leather it's intensely fast. Guns. Blast. Mega-boom. Wow. The other most staggering thing about Brink is that it looks incredible. The art style, the detail, the more than several shades of one colour. It's gorgeous. And then there's the in-game, on-the-fly ability to change character-classes and the pop-up wheel menu mission selector. This is new, innovative territory stuff. The gathered men of Gamescom - us included - have all been suitably blown away by Brink.

All in all Brink left a fantastic impression upon anyone who actually managed to see it in action. It is indeed the most promising new IP I can think of at the moment and we most certainly can't sit still on our chairs until we can actually get our greedy fingers upon it in the spring of 2010 when it hits a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC near you.
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