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Default Re: Ex-WoW Players Come In

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
I had fun playing it, then just moved on (coming back every now and then.) That'll eventually happen when I really get burned out of wow (came close to quitting once, til I found a casual guild that actually does quite well while spending relatively little time raiding, we maybe raid about 10 hours a week and are #2 on our server, in spite of there being about 8 other guilds that raid 40 hours a week on our server.)
Funny how that can work out. I was previously in a guild that had a 6 night a week raid schedule, and in 6 nights over the last couple months we fell back (not doing 2 bosses we did previously), and only gained 1 new boss. Other then flame lev, achievements don't seem to be much of a go, and a lot of time is spent farming; as many bring in their alts or whatever and (I was the 2nd top geared guy there at the end according to wow-heroes, largely due in sizeable part to my own efforts after 3.2 came out of grinding heroics and getting all the conquest gear that was an upgrade in a matter of days). It got silly sometimes, like the time we were going back to nax10 (the recommendation for me was uld 25 and ToC 10). We had 7 undergeared alts (some badly undergeared, like still having greens or what not); and here I was as boss fights were taking ages mashing away at my computer wondering what more I could possibly do. This is when someone PST'd me and said "according to my recount, you did 45% of the damage done there), in a 10 man. Now with the 2 tanks also gearing, threat was a real issue (and MD's and feigns can only do so much). You might wonder how this all plays out? Well at most they're doing like 3-4 bosses in a given night (when we're not on old instances running people's alts), meh I'm actually glad that at least for now this is in my past. So for the time, umm dang no new content, again

Now mind you, this wasn't particularly an enjoyable type scenario, that night for sure. And the thing that gets me, is on my horde realm, another guild who considers themselves casual, and doesn't really have a 6 night a week raid schedule, went from doing 6/15 uld (the above was doing 7/15), to doing 10/15 now. I checked up with them... The above went from 7/15 to 8/15 in the same time, but dropped 2 bosses out as some I guess complained "they're hard, lets do something else"...

But that's behind me, as the guild I'm in now, has a much easier 3 night a week raid schedule, and they're clearing ToC 25, as well as going after the hard modes. They used to be ranked 2nd on achievements (though not progression); though I guess some wanted time off, so they're recruiting some new people. It's a lot better actually. I didn't think one would find a guild that could down content, without having the heavy schedule I'd become accustomed to. Well there are some, and it's a bit of a relief... Oh and yeah, I've got a friend I enjoy spending time with and having run with in the new guild; so it's a much better situation all around.
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