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Default Re: Ex-WoW Players Come In

Originally Posted by Son Goku View Post
Now mind you, this wasn't particularly an enjoyable type scenario, that night for sure. And the thing that gets me, is on my horde realm, another guild who considers themselves casual, and doesn't really have a 6 night a week raid schedule, went from doing 6/15 uld (the above was doing 7/15), to doing 10/15 now. I checked up with them... The above went from 7/15 to 8/15 in the same time, but dropped 2 bosses out as some I guess complained "they're hard, lets do something else"...
I hated being in guilds like that. The second I hear somebody say that it just makes me cringe. If every encounter was easy you wouldn't even really have a game. A lot of people only play the game for the loot which is just stupid, and when getting the loot is too hard they just don't want to do it. Up until last night I think I went like two months without getting any loot and it didn't really bother me. (Got really lucky last night, did yogg with only one keeper for our first time ever and the best in slot (for ulduar) feral polearm happened to drop.)
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