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Default Re: The Old Republic: 20 min walkthrough

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
I totally agree. Like playing a campaign cooperatively or alone. It would be nice if they incorporated a campaign that could be finished, but offer what "traditional" MMOs offer, unlimited "quests" and grinding. I for one don't see how this will draw me in, unless it has a goal of sorts, a story. Not the plain old "level up, grind, become rich" blah blah...
Well you can finish MMO stories, as far as I know... I never played one through myself, but as I understand it they have plotlines with endings, but like a Bethesda game you are then dropped back into the world to do side quests and such.

I could be wrong though, I really have no idea.

All I know is if Bioware wants me to play this it better be 1) easy to do solo, as in no restricted content for party play and scaling enemies, and 2) it better have a singleplayer option or be free to play after purchase with paid DLC being the continued revenue stream.

If both those things end up happening I will buy it day one.
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