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Default Re: What you do in life?

Originally Posted by adamove View Post
I check this forum and other about pc gaming 3dguru hardoc and it amaze me how people got time for all this and resources, what you do for living? i mean super computers and every AA title day one. Well i know you can get them fast from internet torrent but i dont have time to even instal them not to mention play to the end, how you do it?

Like after 6 months i first time instal GTA 4, amazing game but i dont have time to play, and i asume its a long game to finish and explore

maybe im just slow or not that much addicted?

do you do anything other in your life?
If you like and enjoy something you shouldn't have to "find" the time, it should come to you naturally and as a significant priority... and if you don't have any time in your life to do the things you enjoy then you're going to have issues (i.e. high stress, regrets, resentment ...etc) and I would suggest re-examining your priorities and/or time allocation...

How much time do you spend each day?
1. sleeping
2. working
3. watching tv
4. just hanging out (friends/family)
5. other - specify...
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