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Default Re: The Old Republic: 20 min walkthrough

lfct, blizz actually has an amazing amount of story content hidden within all the quest. You don't need to know who or why to get to 80, but if you take a minute to read quest, mainly quest arcs, You will actually find yourself following several key players from their progression from azeroth, to outland, to wotlk. I just leveled a horde to 80 for the first time and was amazed at how many unique quest horde get. Atleast if not more then %50 of them are much different then alliance, not carbon copies which I would have thought.

I have actually gotten stuck more then once, reading wowwiki for several hours as I read about the history of characters or events (While much of the information is not just ingame, but from books and information revealed by blizzard, it is non the less warcraft). It is definitely something of a mammoth task to match from a new kid on the block. Thats one reason why I am happy to see guild wars2. Guild wars 1 was easily successful, had many things that went right for it and survived where so many MMOs failed.

I like MMOs for the group and community feel, and don't think I would like the cut scenes to much (although the mini ones in aion for starting many quest are OK, infact I kind of like them). Single player RPGS I prefer the cinematic hard core story, and would rather not have to pay a monthly fee to more then one game.
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