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Default Re: Win 7 Not remembering window settings argh!!

In case anyone wants it here is that app I bought:

There is a new 1.2 version and it looks like it's catching the Computer and Games windows settings now . You can download it and try it out for 30 days if you need this functionality. Unfortunately its something that should have been built into Win 7.

Hmm, well the utility might have not been the best choice but I know your pain. I have had problems with this in XP, Vista, and 7. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
FYI in XP it worked perfectly I think you only needed to change one registry setting to increase the number of folder settings it would remember. In vista it was hit and miss. It only kind of worked right. I was always hoping they'd fix it. In 7 they just took it out completely and I thought that was just horrible. It was like they couldn't get it working in vista so they just removed it. I would have settled for how it worked in vista, it wasn't perfect but at least sometimes it worked.

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