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Default Re: The Old Republic: 20 min walkthrough

I see your point Jeff, but my point is does it really have any quest that will proceed a central story towards the ending of the game? Like a single player game? That's what I mean. I want a goal to motivate me and a story to follow. Like in KOTOR, you were after Malak. After 30 hours you were done. The end. I need a good, substiantial story (stop THE bad guy, or prevent THIS HUGE THING from happenning or something). I just hope they do this for this game.

And hopefully, no massive grinding will be involved. And fast travel. I remember in Galaxies, I had to walk for hours to get from one place to another. I gave that game 2 days...

MMOs end up incredibly boring for me, very fast. I tried WoW, SW Galaxies, and FFXI. I was repulsed by all three of them...
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