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Default Re: EA releases deauthorization tools

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
Isn't the one being used your current install?

I am using the Steam version of ME.
Nope. Using the Steam version as well. I revoked one authorization and there's still one activated. So there's still 1 out of 5 even if I de-authorize this one.

Originally Posted by candle_86 View Post
steam FTW no activations
Actually, there is. You still have to verify your serial when you install the game, and again when you install the DLC. The latest DLC "Pinnacle Station" still needs a verification as did Bring Down the Sky.
Steam still uses their own version of DRM. It's just asn't restrictive.

There's problems right now with the new DLC. It seems there's an issue with the serials and verification system. ROFL. Eight months of waiting for this and they can't even get this crap right.
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