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Default Re: Batman Arkham Asylum Official thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Indeed. But why not get more content when possible? Oh and I get to play the game earlier.

So papers don't go flying everywhere when I barely step on them. No problem.
It's not just papers, it is higher res, AA, AF and all the other PC graphical goodies... I played the demo on PS3, it looked like ass. It's also the other general benefits of playing it on PC we all enjoy, like tweaking ini files and mods and all that... since there were costume mods for the demo, I would assume we will see some other stuff after release. Widescreengamingforum already has an FOV hack to move the camera back a bit as well.

All that stuff together is worth far more to me than playing the joker in challenge levels I will probably never play anyway.

You buy everything on PS3, so I guess you don't find all that stuff appealing, but I do, and most here on this PC forum probably will as well.
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