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Default Re: I want DOOM 4 :(

I thought that the first third of Doom3, leading right up to the level at the energy processing plant were ****ing awsome. Clever design, really very atmospheric and it gave a sense of crecendo and the game movign forwards into more awsome territory.

Having to chase Bravo team and occasionally getting reports from Sarge were really freaking cool, it made the world of death seem more alive.

Unfortunately the interesting part of the game ended for me there, levels after that seemed to get smaller again and i sort of new what to expect even though the difficulty was ramped up the sense of mahem from that Enpro level wasn't matched.

There were occasionally good levels after that like the last recycling level where you face of the Mancubus, the monorail level was quite cool, the the multiple teleporter level was quite good aswell.

The Hell level was a bit rubbish all things considered, personally i just found it to be the wrong type of difficult rather than the right type of difficult, it was a relief to end the level and get back to comparative normality. The final Sarge level was good, as was the level after it, i thought it was quite clever to only then re-introduce the Hell-Knights and show off all those meat tunnels, after then i thought the change in design for the levels was a welcome one up until the last level which was a bit dissapointing, like the presentation of the Cyberdemon.

If Doom4 for could include levels as good as the bestof Doom3 and also levels as crazy as the original Doom levels then i'd be very pleased indeed.
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