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Originally posted by Fluke
Yup, exact reason I got rid of it.Creative drivers suck and they can't write them good enough to use their hardware. These things the common person does not know about and it's really sad that Creative is where they are while companies like Turtlebeach and Hercules suffer from less exposure.

Kills me that they are going to release Audigy 2, another POS that will have even bigger POS drivers.
Sorry to say this Fluke, but I really think your speaking out your a**. Ive had a SBLive 1024(value) for going on three years now, and not once have I ever had a problem with drivers and whatnot. Guess what, my motherboard uses a VIA chipset, no crackles pops or anything else but good sound. I think that you are slagging off Creative just for the sake of it? Yes I have read thier forums, and yes alot of people have problems, but these problems might not all be the sound cards fault? VIAs maybe? something else in the pc? Maybe people need to know how to fix or put together thier pcs better?
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