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Default Re: Pure video = VDPAU ?

Originally Posted by ticket View Post
Well, the problem appears that my P4 is just too old to play!
You can use a Geforce 8400 to play any kind of H264 / VC1 / MPEG1/2 1080 video with that CPU.
Now both machines have CPUs that aren't too different in performance
That is, as you kindly proved (I was not as sure as I claimed to be), wrong!
so the problem appears to lie in the 6200 graphics card and its interface, or that the 6150LE is somehow much better than the 6200.
Certainly not, they both support xv (as good or better than a Geforce 4), gl (probably with yuv=2 support which Geforce 4 can't do) and xvmc, but not hardware accelerated H264 or VC1 decoding.

Carl Eugen
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