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Default Most Wanted 64bit install

found this at another site dunno if anyone else is looking for this

tried this on my Vista x64 installation. Just FYI, I also installed the RC1 of SP1 a few days ago too!

For the unabridged version go here: - Howtos - Running "Need for Speed: Most wanted" with Cedega

If you're only getting the directx 9.0c error which halts the installation process at the EULA, you can:

1. Copy disk 1 to a 2nd hdd other than C.

2. Edit autorun.cfg in the autorun folder of the copied contents of disk 1 on your hard drive. You can use notepad to edit the file. The only edits you need to make are:


3. Save the file and installation runs without a hitch!

You're welcome!

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